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Prison Vents Manufacturer in Australia

Watching a group of prisoners escaping through a vent from prison can be a lot of fun in a movie - yet, in real life, no one wants that to happen.

When choosing a ventilation system for prisons, security is the main concern. Of course, the vent should do what every vent does - ensure proper airflow in and out. But in addition to that, you want to minimize any risks of it being tampered with or misused.

At AM Metal Solutions, we address those risks by designing and manufacturing secure ventilation and air conditioning systems for detention and correctional facilities. Our vents meet the strictest industry standards and can be customized to fit your needs.

What We Offer

We provide correctional facilities in Victoria and other states and territories of Australia with prison vents, security grilles, and other accessories.

Our services include:

  • engineering and design
  • manufacturing
  • customization
  • supply and installation
  • repair and maintenance

All of our cell vents are subject to rigid testing procedures and quality control in order to ensure maximum security.

Our Clients

Based in Melbourne, VIC, Australia, we supply all major correctional facilities in the state of Victoria (including Melbourne Prison and Barwon Prison) with high-quality metalwork.

Among our clients are also prisons, jails, correctional health centers, and youth justice centers.

Why us?

AM Metal Solutions company was started back in 1994. Since then, we have been manufacturing and distributing various ready-made or custom-built metal solutions to correctional facilities.

All of our products feature:

  • robust, fail-safe construction
  • tamper-proof design
  • heavy-gauge stainless steel
  • exceptional safety record

Our Projects

As a major manufacturer and supplier of prison vents, we have worked with numerous clients in Australia.

Here you can find list with some of them:

✓ Marngoneet Correctional Centre - Baulderstone 
✓ Barwon Prison - AMP Group
✓ Port Phillip Prison - Iland Group 
✓ Melbourne Remand Centre - Baulderstone
✓ Dame Phyllis Frost Centre
✓ Melbourne Assessment Prison- AMP Group
✓ Melbourne Youth Justice Centre
✓ Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre - Crockrum
✓ Dhurringile Prison

Service Area

We offer a wide range of prison vents for sale in Australia. Installation is available on the territory of Victoria, New South Wales, and Tasmania.

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