Prison Vanity Units

Prison Vanity Units Manufacturer in Australia

Plumbing fixtures, including tap and soap holders, may seem like the most boring appliances ever but not when it comes to installing them in a prison cell.

Regular soap holders are no good in this case since the highest priority is given to security and safety.

Unfortunately, vandalism and fights are quite common among the residents of correctional facilities and it’s up to the administration to address those challenges.

One of the best ways to do that is to install prison soap holders and cell taps, which are:

  • resistant to wear and intentional damage
  • designed to prevent any attempts tampering
  • easy to install and maintain
  • reliable and durable

This is the type of prison taps and cell soap holders you get from AM Metal Solutions, a prison furniture and plumbing fixtures manufacturer based in Melbourne, VIC, Australia.

What We Offer

We supply prisons and other correctional facilities across Australia with security plumbing fixtures and cell taps.

Our products feature:

  • ergonomic design
  • seamless welding and joints with no accessible voids or crevices
  • fail-safe and tamper-proof construction
  • heavy-gauge stainless steel for extra durability

All of AM Metal Solutions plumbing fixtures undergo rigid testing and quality control to ensure maximum security, safety, and durability.

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Our Clients

As a prison tap manufacturer, we supply our products mainly to jails and correctional health centers.

We also work with courthouses, law court complexes, detention centers, youth justice centers, and other institutions requiring security containment control.

Why us?

Established in 1994, we have been a reliable supplier of plumbing fixtures for prisons ever since. Our prison vanity units have an outstanding safety record.

Our Projects

As a well-known manufacturer and supplier of security plumbing fixtures in Australia, we have worked with numerous correctional facilities across the country.

Here you can find list with some of them:

✓ Marngoneet Correctional Centre - Baulderstone 
✓ Barwon Prison - AMP Group
✓ Port Phillip Prison - Iland Group 
✓ Melbourne Remand Centre - Baulderstone
✓ Dame Phyllis Frost Centre
✓ Melbourne Assessment Prison- AMP Group
✓ Melbourne Youth Justice Centre
✓ Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre - Crockrum
✓ Dhurringile Prison

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Service Area

We offer a wide range of prison vanity units and security plumbing fixtures for sale across the whole territory of Australia. Shipment to other countries is possible but is subject to additional agreement.

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