Laser cut RHS and angles slots and holes

Laser Cut RHS and Angles Slots and Holes Services Australia

If you’ve been looking for the right company to handle your metal cutting needs, then here we are. AM Metal Solutions offers a wide range of laser cutting services for projects and applications of any magnitude or difficulty.

In order to provide the best quality and precision, we work only with top-of-the-line equipment – like our DF3015 Farley LaserLab cutting machine.

Unlike most CO2 cutting devices on the marketing, DF3015 allows for truly exquisite and at the same time effective RHS (rectangular hollow sections) cutting.

Our Capabilities

Our laser cut angle capabilities include:

  • Hreat variety of the materials we handle – mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper, etc.
  • High-precision cutting regardless of shape or size of the object
  • Expert laser tube cutting no matter how complex the original design is
  • Strict adherence to the industry standards in terms of measurements and precision
  • Ability to customize our laser-cutting equipment to match your particular project needs
  • Exceptional balance of strength, symmetry, and aesthetics

About AM Solutions

We have been providing manufacturers and companies all across Victoria, New South Wales, and Tasmania with quality metal work and cutting services since 1994.

Since then, we have successfully completed over 700 commercial and government projects in such areas as residential building construction, architectural design, furnishing, industrial construction, and more.

Among our clients are some of Australia’s leading construction companies such as Baulderstone, ProBuild, IrelandBrown Constructions, and more. View the full list of our repeat clients here.

To learn more about the great results we have achieved with some of these companies, please visit our Projects section.

Why AM Metal Solutions?

  • Wide Range of Services – from architectural design to metal work production to laser cut angle services
  • 25+ Years of Experience in design, manufacturing, and construction of quality metalwork
  • High-End Equipment (DF3015 Farley LaserLab cutting machine) and skilled personnel

Service Area

We distribute our products all across Australia while additional installation services are currently available in Victoria, New South Wales, and Tasmania.

Let’s Cut to the Chase

If you have any questions regarding our laser cutting services, please contact us via:

We will be glad to discuss your project and provide you with a professional consult.

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