Laser cut decorative screens with pattern for cladding

Laser Cut Decorative Screens Melbourne & Laser Cut Pattern for Cladding Company Melbourne

In the modern world, design rules. This is especially true when it comes to construction, decoration, and cladding.

Simply having a decorative element is not enough - neither for your aesthetic pleasure nor for that of your customers. Therefore, you should offer a product that’s unique, elegant, and durable enough to satisfy even the highest customer demands.

It turns out that the modern technology has given us a way to achieve that level of quality - particularly, for decorative screens and cladding - it is called laser cutting.

Laser Cutting Services from AM Metal Solutions

Laser cutting is a powerful yet delicate technology developed for metal processing.  A directed laser beam is used to cut metal objects of different thickness, size, and shape.

To initiate the cutting process, the operator programs the laser beam by entering the right parameters for the particular material and project.

After the data input, the laser optics and CNC (computer numerical control) direct the material or the laser beam generated.

At AM Metal Solutions, we use only high-end equipment to ensure the best possible quality for our products, including decorative screens and cladding elements.

To achieve that, we do all of our cutting on DF3015 Farley LaserLab metal laser cutting machine.

About the DF3015 laser cutting machine:

Designed and manufactured to rival any CO2 cutting machine on the market today, the DF3015 laser cutting machine utilizes a gantry structure with dual rack & pinion drives and AC servo motors providing its users with a high-precision, fast, and reliable laser cutter machine.

Why Choose Us as Your Laser Cut Pattern for Cladding Company?

AM Metal Solutions is the best choice for a company to provide laser cut pattern for cladding services because:

  • We offer a wide range of services – from metalwork production to laser cut decorative screens
  • 25+ Years of experience in design, manufacturing, and construction of quality metalwork
  • Over 700 successfully completed commercial and government projects
  • High-End equipment (DF3015 Farley LaserLab cutting machine) and skilled personnel
  • We always work closely with building contractors, design staff, and architects

Service Area - Laser Cut Decorative Metal Screens for Cladding

Although we are based in Melbourne, we serve clients from all across Australia. However, the installation services are available only on the territory of the following states: Victoria, New South Wales, and Tasmania.

Laser Cut Privacy Screens Melbourne, Australia

If you have any questions regarding our decorative screens or cladding elements cutting services, please contact us via:

We will be glad to discuss your project, provide you with a professional consult, and give an estimate.

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