Stainless steel laser cutting

Steel Laser Cutting Services Australia

Laser cutting is one of the marvels of modern technology used to cut various materials (both ferrous and non-ferrous) with maximum precision, smoothness, and speed. One of the most popular applications for laser cutting machines is cutting stainless steel.

AM Metal Solutions offers high-quality laser cutting services to its clients in Victoria, New South Wales, and Tasmania.

Whether you are an industrial giant or a small construction firm, we will ensure the best laser cutting steel quality for your project.

We do most of our laser cutting stainless steel operations on DF3015 Farley LaserLab cutting machine – a high-end piece of machinery produced by Farley LaserLab, capable of cutting stainless steel up to 6 mm thick with bright, oxide-free edge.

Our Capabilities

The laser cutting stainless steel services we provide feature:

  • laser cut steel doors
  • laser cut steel fence panels
  • laser cut steel furniture
  • laser cutting steel gate
  • laser cut stainless steel of custom size and shape to match your particular needs

All of our cutting processes meet the highest industry standards in terms of measurements and precision.

About AM Solutions

We started out in 1994 and have been a reliable manufacturer/supplier of quality metalwork products and services ever since.

We specialize in laser cutting stainless steel and can provide you with a wide range of applications in that field.

So far, we have worked on more than 700 commercial and government projects in areas like residential building construction, architectural design, furnishing, industrial construction, and general metalwork supplies.

One of our recently completed major projects is supplying decorative stainless steel roof screen for the construction of RMIT Building 8. For that project, we had to use our laser cutting stainless steel DF3015 Farley LaserLab machine.

To learn more about the results we have already achieved with other clients, please visit our Projects section.

Why AM Metal Solutions?

  • Wide range of services: from architectural design to metal work manufacturing to laser cutting
  • Expert knowledge: design, manufacturing, and production of high-quality metalwork
  • Solid experience: we have worked on dozens of major projects
  • High-end, modern equipment: ensuring the best quality and precision
  • Professional staff: we always work closely with building contractors, design staff, and architects

Service Area

Based in Melbourne, we work with clients from all across Australia. However, the installation services are available only on the territory of the following states: Victoria, New South Wales, and Tasmania.

Let’s Cut to the Chase

If you have any questions regarding our services or would like to know the exact laser cutting steel cost for your project, please contact us via:

We will be glad to discuss your project, provide you with a professional consult, and give an estimate.