Mild steel laser cutting

Laser Steel Cutting Services Australia

Laser cutting is one of those technologies that seem like they’re from the future yet they are very much present.

The level of sophistication of the modern metal construction and manufacturing requires the highest precision combined with the large output volumes. Laser cutting machines give just that.

We are proud to offer you mild steel laser cutting services made on the top-of-the-line equipment – DF3015 Farley LaserLab cutting machine. This machine is capable of cutting mild steel up to 12 mm thick, with smooth edge finish.

Laser Cut Mild Steel from AM Metal Solutions

Our laser cutting mild steel services feature:

  • laser cut panels, tubes, construction elements, and more
  • fully automated process to ensure the maximum precision and quality
  • ability to cut objects of complex size and shape
  • laser cutting mild steel up to 12 mm thick
  • adherence to the industry standards in terms of measurements and precision
  • proper balance of strength, symmetry, and aesthetics

About AM Solutions

Established in 1994, AM Metal Solutions has been a full-service manufacturer and installer of high-quality, architecturally designed metal work. In addition to that, we provide a wide range of laser cutting services handling all common materials.

Throughout the years, we have consistently demonstrated experience and breadth of skill in both large projects and small, hand-crafted pieces.

We’ve completed more than 700 commercial and government projects – mostly, in construction, architectural design, metal furniture production, and general metalwork supplies.

One of our recent notable projects is the construction of Monash Children Hospital, for which we supplied a wide variety of general metalwork.

Among our clients are companies like APM Group, Crown, Hacer Group, RMIT University, Watpac, and many more (view the full list of repeated clients here).

To learn more about the results we have already achieved with other clients, please visit our Projects section.

Why AM Metal Solutions?

  • wide range of services – from architectural design to metal work manufacturing to laser cutting
  • solid reputation for mastering complex jobs
  • high-end, modern equipment
  • expert knowledge of designing and manufacturing high-quality metalwork
  • professional, knowledgeable staff working closely with building contractors, designers, and architects

Service Area

Based in Melbourne, we work with clients from all across Australia. However, the installation services are available only on the territory of the following states: Victoria, New South Wales, and Tasmania.

Let’s Cut to the Chase

If you have any questions regarding our services or would like to know the exact laser cutting mild steel prices for your project, please contact us via:

We will be glad to discuss your project, provide you with a professional consult, and give an estimate.