About Us

Established in 1994, AM Metal Solutions is a full service manufacturer and installer of high quality, architecturally designed metal work. with demonstrated experience and breadth of skill in large projects as well as smaller specialised and highly crafted pieces.

We have manufactured and designed for modern residential apartment complexes, retail and commercial spaces, and other cultural facilities. we quickly established a reputation for mastering complex jobs, passionately and balancing all the forces that define clearly conceived and executed projects – many for distinguished and well-known clients.

Our success is demonstrated by the frequency with which past clients seek us out for our creativity for their new projects.

Our vast knowledge in the design, manufacturing and construction of high quality metal work has positioned AM Metal Solutions as a market leader. We Pride ourselves in the level of service, quality and architectural solutions we offer industry, we work closely with building contractors, design staff and architects to provide them with the expertise we have developed in the past 15 years.

Our Team

At AM Metal Solutions design and production of all projects are completed in-house using state-of-the-art manufacturing and design technology. Quality assurance and project management / commissioning is backed by a team of highly skilled technicians.

Staff and production personnel are all qualified and have many years of industry experience which enables AM Metal Solutions to deliver the highest quality of products.